One important rule to follow when applying for a Travel Visa.

The number one rule when getting Visas for the purpose of Travel is ensure you get it from the right place.

There are a number of online companies that can issue you Visas, some are legitimate companies but charge for the Visas at an inflated price. Some are scams and you will likely never see your money ever again, or the Visa itself, which can mess up your travel plans severely.

For Australian passport holders, the following map taken from- indicates where Visas are required.


One thing to make note of is the USA is indicated as Visa Free access. However, we need to apply for a Visa Waiver called an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). This is an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the USA under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). This includes trips to Hawaii, often accidently overlooked as being part of the USA from time to time.

Another common area of confusion is where there are dependent and autonomous territories within certain countries like China for instance. Australians do require a Visa for entry into the majority of China however, for entry into Hong Kong and Macau for a specified amount of days we do not need a Visa to be issued.

My go to place for finding the right information for your specific travel purpose is

This page is the official government website that will issue up to date travel information and bulletins. The key catch phase of this information exchange is to be prepared and be informed. Information is for every traveller on every trip and it is a great resource.

visa moto

If you browse their website and type in the country you plan to travel, information will come up in the form of a summary. Entry and exit requirements including Visas required and the links to the correct webpages for purchasing the correct Visa. You will also get clear, up to date information on safety and security, local travel, laws, health and natural disasters, plus, where to get help should you need any.

Use this page, it holds a wealth of information for anyone Travelling. It will save you time and money in the long run by being informed and being prepared.

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