Easy Option Siteseeing

Big Bus tours have it all covered, and they are worldwide.

Located in 19 cities around the world, if you want to see as many sites as possible over a short period of time, you should jump on a Big Bus for the easiest site seeing around town.

Let’s face it, site seeing can be exhausting! By the time you walk from one place to the next, to see all the sites, it’s not hard to walk up to 20km a day. However, you don’t want to go to a new city and miss some of the most well known and important monuments, buildings, parks etc. You want to see as much as possible. So, what are the options at hand?

Rail networks are great when you know where you are going and what you want to see. Often they are underground, so you can’t look out the window and see what else is around. They are also usually a web of interconnecting paths that can be difficult to navigate for those who have not pre-planned their journeys. Public transport buses in general, are pretty good in most big cities too, but again, there are set routes that may not necessarily go by the places you wish to see, you may need to transfer or take several buses to get to the destination you had in mind. You may pass an interesting building on your left and wonder what it is? It could be that museum you had heard about but never knew was there. Taxi’s are also an option but can get costly by the time you add up all the must see destinations in each city, then, what are the guarantees your driver will speak your own language? Same goes for Tuk-Tuks or other forms of cheap transport. Lots of fun but not so informative.

I find the Big Bus tours or similar set up’s help you get your bearings and give you an understanding on the lay out of each city. Being up high also gives great views of the streets below, it helps to give you a grasp on where the different parts of the city are and how far you are staying from them. Perhaps, your even walking distance from that famous restaurant? You might spot something on your journey that would be good to go and see at a later time. That’s if you don’t stop and see it whilst on the bus tour itself, as this is possible too, with hop on hop off stops everywhere. The bus tour tickets will often include some of the attractions, this will save you time lining up to get a ticket at each place individually, as well.


The controlled environment on the bus helps with making your journey a comfortable one. Air-conditioning is always a bonus in hot weather or the cool breeze on top is also refreshing on a hot humid day. Then there are the buses operating in the colder climates where heating is a welcome relief from the outside chill.

Commentary is part of the tours and is usually accessible through headphones in several different languages, you will get a run down on everything, the history, the culture, the attractions. It is the one stop shop for all things you need to know when travelling in a different city. Some of the tours I have been on even have live commentary which is always very entertaining.

big bus liam
Generally, I find Big Bus Tours a good experience and a great introduction to many cities around the world. You can spend a few hours or a few days. Whatever takes your fancy and fits in with your travelling schedules. You can usually find them in all the popular tourist spots in the next city you plan to travel to. If you would like any further information, I am always happy to have a chat or help you out with your travel plans at KB 4 Travel, i’m easy to contact through Facebook- click here.

My website address is http://www.kb4travel.com.au sign up for our monthly newsletter for some travel inspiration.


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