Braid Beware…..It’s Funny now, to remember the time when…..

My girls have long hair, it’s the type of hair that gets pretty knotty and is hard to comb through. Made worse by swimming each day and not brushing it as often as they should.

We as a family tend to migrate out of the Melbourne winter each year in the hunt for some of that “feel good” sunshine. We love a beach, we love swimming and the hair tangles just grow. For as long as my girls have had hair and we have enjoyed summer holidays overseas. Every year the thought of brushing out all the knots after swimming all day pains me.

Because of the torture we tend to hunt down the lovely ladies who do the small hair braids. They are usually found in many of the tourist hot spots by the beach or along the shopping strips. Often braids or plaits are offered along with a cheap massage. Yep, that kind of place, cheap but oh so good.

It’s great, they do their hair in nice tight little braids that don’t require you to brush or even wash it for the whole holiday. This makes me as a mum of 3 girls (& a low maintenance haired boy) cheer. The whole hair situation can be horrid on the best of days, but on holidays, no thanks!

We love our low maintenance braids whilst on summer holidays but have recently learnt a valuable lesson and braid beware!

They look great and they are low maintenance but they can also get caught on door knobs when little girls are running past chasing their siblings. A thin braid getting caught on a door knob at high speed equals an easy form of hair removal from the head, kind of like waxing! RIP….

Yep, instead of the plait we had a lovely Brazilian strip. We can laugh now, but at the time there was lots of screaming involved and the holding up of a little plait once it was removed from the door handle plus a rather obvious bald strip. No blood, nothing but smooth bald skin. Argh! We still have the little braid with all the hair roots attached. It’s kind of like a first haircut momento in our family.



Ever since then, we still get the girls hair done and we always have a little chuckle about remembering that time…….

Have you got any Funny Travel stories?

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