Fabulous Fiji- for Fun in the Sun….

Fiji Holiday Review.

Fiji is in the heart of the South Pacific, there are 333 tropical islands, need i say more! Famous for its soft coral diving, white sand beaches and pristine natural environment, Fiji is a beautiful holiday destination a short flight from Australia.

Fiji can make a fantastic holiday, especially for those with young kids, the Fijians are very family orientated and absolutely adore children. The majority of the resorts offer nanny, buddy and kids club services, allowing parents some relaxation or down time too.Fiji 2.jpg

The first choice to make when planning a Fijian getaway is where to stay??  There is basically 3 options for location. Port Denarau which is close to the airport and ocean port for access to many of the Islands. The Islands themselves, which are accessible by either boat or flight in some cases. Or thirdly, there is the Coral Coast which is approx 2 hours drive from the airport. The Islands and the Coral Coast are both known for their nice Sandy beaches. Many of the islands have coral reefs just off the beach for great snorkelling.

Denarau itself is built on reclaimed land so the beach there is not fantastic. The water tends to be a bit muddy. People do swim there but when we visited I did not. We did however chose Denarau as our preferred location. I like the fact it is close to the airport, and close to the port for day trips out to the reefs and Islands. The port also has several restaurants and shops to look in. Denarau also offers many highly rated hotels with amazing facilities and swimming pools. We chose the Sheraton Villas as we required a 2 bedroom with 4 children. Staying here we could use the facilities of the Sheraton and Westin as well as the Sheraton villas which gave us the choice of pools to swim in and restaurants to dine in that could be charged back to our room. There is a shuttle bus between all the resorts and the port making it easy to get around.

Fiji 3

A lot of the Islands will offer package deals with all inclusive rates. If you are not staying on the Islands ensure you take a day trip out to the islands, there are so many to chose from depending on what you would like to do. Families might like a glass bottom boat or sandy beach but there are also snorkelling, fishing and diving trips.

We spent most of our days relaxing around the pool, soaking in the sunshine. With a baby we did not venture out that much on this trip. The older kids loved kids club and we hired a very lovely lady as a babysitter on several occasions. The kids thought her name was Lasagne as it was something similar.

No matter where you stay be sure to attend a Fijian cultural evening. Here they will entertain you with traditional fire dance and show you traditional crafts such as basket weaving. You will also get to try their traditional style feast for dinner. It is a great evening of cultural entertainment.

If you just want to get away and relax, if you have young kids, if you crave some warm weather but don’t want a huge plane ride then Fiji is for you…..
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